Launching in Q2 2019

Coming soon to App Store and Google Play

The app that helps you to save money effortlessly 

shouldn't feel
so  hard. 

It’s already difficult to keep track of what we spend on, and no one has time to study graphs and a million numbers.


Saving money should be as simple as possible.

Save first, 
spend later.

Nugget sets aside money for your savings and monthly commitments before showing you what you can spend freely each week.


Sync your bank

Eliminates the need for manual transaction entries

Weekly budget

The recommended spending amount to meet your savings target

Create and track funds

Keeps your goals in check so you don’t lose sight of them

Monthly budget

A quick overview on where your money should be going

Spending insights

Highlights your spending patterns on your favourite merchants

Your privacy

We’ve made protecting your privacy our priority. With SSL encryption, rest assured that nothing can be traced back to you.

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