We have a common goal as a team

Regardless of your background, we believe it is important for everyone on the team to have a common goal.

That is why Team Nugget is diversified and driven.

We bring like-minded people together and we respect one another, while helping people save money effortlessly.

We have an awesome work environment


Coworking Space

Our office is a cool technology and innovation business club.

Casual dress code

T-shirt and jeans. Woohoo!


Remote working

Remote working once a week because #productivity.


Staff care

Paid leave, medical leave, health insurance.



If walking is too mainstream, feel free to use our hoverboards. Yas!


Freedom to Innovate

No idea too crazy, no tradition too sacred.


Well-Stocked Pantry

Great coffee (Nespresso machine) and international snacks!

laptop (1) copy

Apple or Microsoft

We believe tech should improve productivity, not hinder it.

What it's like working with us

Team Nugget - About

Team Huddle

We get together, sometimes in micro teams, to focus on solving problems. The team,

  • loves to try new things
  • has open communication
  • wants to do work that matters
  • cares about people

Everyone is a valued individual on Team Nugget.